Z-Tex is a privately owned company that offers Occupational  Safety & Health consulting and training services to a wide variety of trades within the Construction, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Mining Industries.

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Safety and Health Consulting

Worker Injury Claim Management

Project Safety Representation

Safety & Health Program Development

Representation During OSHA Inspections

Safety & Health Record Keeping

Safety & Health Training

Recruitment of Occupational Safety & Health Professionals

Project Safety & Health Inspections

Industrial Hygiene Sampling for Crystalline Silica

Contesting OSHA Citation

Safety & Health Audits

We strive to spread awareness on the importance of Safety Training.

"Contractor was not confined space trained. Oscar Zamarron is an expert in workplace safety.

He says toxic fumes are not uncommon in permit-required confined spaces, and companies that go in them need special training. OSHA defines a permit-required confined space as an area that has restricted means for exit and entry, isn’t designed for continuous employee occupancy, and also can have a hazardous atmosphere or other safety issues. “All that training has to take place before they actually go in there,” said Zamarron. “They need to understand the dangers.” That training includes using monitors to check for hazardous gases, airing out the fumes, and using a harness and other equipment to help workers in and out."

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Family of contractor who suffocated cleaning ABIA grease trap plans to sue city


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